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Report Sexual Misconduct

Meet Our Team of Title IX Trained Investigators

Title IX Advisory Board Members

Dr. Peter Rose-Barry
Finkbeiner Endowed Professor of Ethics
(989) 964-4302

Clifford Block
Chief of Police
(989) 964-4285

Brett Boswinkle
Director of Campus Mental Health & Wellness Center
(989) 964-2654

Ellen Crane 
General Counsel
(989) 964-4109

Roberto Garcia
Director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
(989) 964-2612

Dr. Amy Hendrickson
Acting Assistant Dean, Carmona College of Business
(989) 964-2172

John Kaczynski
Director of Governmental Affairs
(989) 964-7481

James Maher
Executive Director of Information Technology Services
(989) 964-2222 

Arundhati Misra
Associate Professor of Mathematics
(989) 964-2463 

Kieshaune Perkins
Event and Technology Coordinator
(989) 964-2022

Corrie Piotrowski
Assistant Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs/Director of Human Resources

Angela Pohl
Deputy Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator

Ron Portwine
Associate Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs
(989) 964-2064

Dr. Marie Rabideau
Interim Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(989) 964-2220

Connie Schweitzer
Director of Business Services
(989) 964-4160 

Carmen Stricker
Director of KCP 4S
(989) 964-2741

Kelly Thompson
Associate Director of Campus Mental Health and Welness Center 
(989) 964-4917

Dr. Mamie T. Thorns
Associate Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator
(989) 964-4068

Delores Walker
Administrative Secretary
(989) 964-4068


Title IX Coordinator - Dr. Mamie Thorns
(989) 964-4068


911 Cell Phone
911 Campus Phone

University Police
(989) 964-4141